sbobetca Discover a wide variety of betting games including popular Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Tiger-Dragon.


sbobetca Get a realistic gambling experience as if you were playing at a world-class online casino.

sbobetca Our website is open for new members 24 hours a day. There are many entrances to choose from.

Is the entrance for use via the website In this era, casinos will be played through websites. ufabet

Which we have many entrances for you to use if you want to play Can contact staff via LINE ID Or say hello to live chat via the website

How to enter the play room And playing baccarat

  1. Choose your casino menu or click on the badge on the left side of the website. After logging in
  2. When entering, there will be various casino games for you to choose from, as shown in the 3 example above. We will play whatever you like.
  3. When entering, will find a variety of baccarat tables Select the table that you want to play. By clicking at that table to enter to play
  4. After entering the table Show a countdown You will be able to bet. But if there is no countdown Indicating that it is not yet time to bet
  5. After that, choose a chip. According to the amount of money needed by clicking 1 time
  6. Once clicked To click at the table In the desired side, PLAYER BANKER TIE, for example, I bet on the banker side.
  7. And when placed successfully Press the button to confirm It is finished. Wait for the result to show the card.
    Playing Bakara

Play equipment Use not less than 2 playing cards.

How to play

  • Clear cards or switch cards And distribute around 2 rings per leg
  • Calling cards can be called no more than 1 card, which cannot be called.
  • Counting of points exceeds 10, 20 or 30 points, deduct the whole number What are the remaining points, such as 13 points?

When the whole number is deducted, 3 points are left. For example, if 10 or 20 points are matched, they are considered missing points. Whoever gets more points wins.

  • The disadvantage of the players In case the player wins The organizer of the play (the dealer) will pay no more than the lap. But if the dealer wins, everyone will have money to eat

This is the gate of fun. Can be opened together And you will find that There are many games waiting for you to play here.

Important if you want friends. Newly online gambling together, you should not miss. Friendship can happen anywhere.

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