Step ball god


Step ball god Unlimited play 24 hours

Step ball god

Step ball god If you are one of the new members who apply for membership. And don’t know what game to play We would like to suggest games that are highly popular and well-liked. Because the game that there are many members Have made a lot of money back home each other already

And with a service that is fast, fast, combined with a team that is ready to provide service By sending the team to practice Intense until expertise Can be confident in the details of the service that will not cause bugs as well, sure enough. 2 games that we want to offer as follows

Playing eight nine

A. Old style playing 2 sets of wooden playing cards (used to play per point) with the selection of 32 cards remaining. The first method is for one person to play. Accompanying to the players

The second method, equally paid out, is a midfield. By holding the pot as the organizer, playing (the dealer), overturn all the wooden cards and then mixed them up in a row One of the band members starts to dice to find The first card picker (2 dice)

The first card picker must fry the dice again, which pair of wooden cards to pick first. The next person will pick 2 pieces in a row until complete 2 times (complete 4 pieces). Once the cards have been checked and then divided into two pairs liverpool

By considering the principle that the two pieces of cards are combined and cutting out the tens digits, such as 22, will have 2 points, more points or fractions. Anyone who wins more than is considered a pair. 1 deck of cards. How to play Use the same playing method as the old style.

Playing in a shower

Play equipment Use Chinese chess or Chinese chess. Selected specifically, referring to Khun Su, meaning Xia soldiers, meaning Chang, referring to locations and vehicles, referring to horses and mother and mother

Means cannon There are two colors, black and red. Both are used in red. Six colors each, for a total of twelve. The word “Kyu Kyu” is a Chinese word Chaozhou, which translates directly to twelve. How to play. (Or switch Chinese chess) and put one in the box or place it on top

The customer will bet on the number, number or the desired number when playing the card. The bet was paid ten times as much. 2 straight bets, paid five times as much Bet on 3 wagons, paying three times as much as possible And bet on 4 lots, twice as much as possible

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